Ravaging Times

chapter 154

Loyalists tend to be flatterers; how ironic.


chapter 154 The Third Irony


[?]: A… assassin!
[?]: Medic! Call the Medic!

[Yang Feng]: Good job!

[Xu Huang]: No, that wasn’t me.

[?]: Up there!

{sfx: pa~}

{sfx: foo~}

[Guo Si]: Who’s there?

[Dian Wei]: A madman.

{sfx: pong~}

[YF]: Which warlord called that move?

[XH]: How would I know?
[XH]: Maybe someone just like you, my Lord.

[YF]: What did you say?

[Liu Xie]: Sir Yang isn’t the only one… who wants to use me, right?

[YF]: Your… Your Majesty, how can you suspect my Loyalty?

[XH]: What is Loyalty?



[Xu Chu]: You, get, lost.

[?]: How many?
[?]: It’s not clear; at least three thousand.

[LJ]: Gather, everyone, on the mountain.

[?]: Is the Medic here?
[LJ]: Shoot arrows… from high ground; take down them all!
[?]: Yessir!

[?]: Retreat to the back!
[?]: Prepare for an assault!

[Xiahou Dun]: Blue – ambush behind the mountain.

[XHD]: Two green ones – twenty-thousand enemy soldiers.

[Li Dian]: Twen… twenty-thousand? That’s all of their forces!
{Li Dian}
[Yue Jin]: It seems that they planned to duke it out afterwards!
{Yue Jin}

{Xiahou Dun}
[XHD]: As Advisor said, let’s split up!

[XHD]: Take out one at a time!
[?]: Yessir!

[?]: They split up; let’s make three divisions too!
[?]: Main force shall handle their forward legion!

{sfx: poof!}

[GS]: Assassin! I dare you to come back here!
[GS]: Just you and me!

[GS]: Shit!
[?]: My Lord, forget him…

[?]: Their first division is here!
[?]: Archers, get ready!

Another warlord has sent his forces.

But… it doesn’t matter who he is now.
History just keeps repeating itself.

{sfx: pa~}

Us Loyalists watched as the world succumbs to chaos;
the higher our position, the more we appear powerless.

[Cao Cao]: Loyalist…

[CC]: state your name.

Cao… Cao Cao? Impossible, how could he get here so fast?

{sfx: ta~}

{sfx: loom~}

He who preempts opportunities takes the world; no wonder he could climb this high.

Not only am I surprised at his speed, but also… that he approves of my respectable status!

[Dong Cheng]: Cao Cao, I am Dong…

{Xun Yu}
[Xun Yu]: That man risking his life for His Majesty is Xu Huang.
[CC]: I’ll remember that.

[DC]: Dong…
[DC]: Dong…
What… am I boasting about?

[CC]: You might be thinking, Dong…

[CC]: how an important court official is worth less than a nameless man.

[CC]: A man’s value is not based on position, but on determination.

[CC]: I came from an eunuch family, endured cold shoulders, but I fought for my place among the various lords.
[CC]: Unlike me, your position was high,

[CC]: but you didn’t use that advantage to expand your influences, losing such a golden opportunity.
[CC]: A shame!

[CC]: It’s not a shame to be weak, but it is a shame to just get by without determination!

[XY]: Good news, the ambush worked.

I… worship the teachings of Master Kong and Master Meng,

how would I even think of holding His Majesty hostage? Such treacherous act, Cao Cao…

I sneer at you!

[CC]: Dong Cheng, I know you’re misinterpreting my words.

[CC]: Take the opportunity and expand your influence – whether it’s out of loyalty or treachery, one could still accomplish something.

[CC]: When corrupt officials arise,

[CC]: true Loyalists should use power to suppress them.

[CC]: You talk loyalty,
[CC]: but is it just breaking wind?


All talk and no action, were the words just flattery?
That day, I wept for the life I have wasted.

Why are Loyalists flatterers?

How ironic!

Though the irony is… loyal subjects are more distinguished under an incompetent lord.


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