Ravaging Times

chapter 458

[?]: Sir! Another troop appeared behind the hills.
[?]: Dispatch a blockade!

[?]: This passage is our retreat route.
[?]: Second Master would be in danger if we retreat!

[?]: This is bad. The enemy is increasing!

[?]: Those down there…

chapter 458 A Troop From Wuling

[?]: And more are coming ahead of us!

[?]: Their defense at the valley’s entrance seems suspicious.

[?]: Based on their position, they seem to be from Changsha.

[?]: Young Master, Han Xuan is also showing his true colors.
[Guan Ping]: That’s why our Lord said taking the four Commanderies won’t be easy.

[?]: This just in- second Master has yet to win the battle,
[?]: while Liu Du has begun to attack from the side!

[?]: Young Master, we have news!

[?]: The commanding officers of Han Xuan’s army are General Chen and Xu!

[?]: They’re key officers of the Changsha commandery.
[GP]: If they’ve arrive, that means…

{Han Xuan’s General-In-Chief, Chen Fu}
[Chen Fu]: Finally, some good news from Jin Xuan after days of waiting.
{Xu An}

[?]: General Chen, Jin Xuan’s troop is the first to arrive!

[?]: Here comes their deputy commander!

[Xu An]: Have you brought them, General Kou?

[Kou]: Sir, Liu Bei’s main force marched southward from Wuling.

[K]: I was tasked to lead the way, and they’ve arrived at the crossing!

[CF]: Thanks to our Lord’s brilliant ploy, we’ve finally lured him here.
[XA]: Here it comes. We’ve waited too long for this day!

{cavalry sfx}

{cavalry sfx}

{flag reads: Liu}

[?]: Liu Bei.

[CF]: Scoundrel, you plunged the world into chaos using the title of Imperial Uncle…

[CF]: Come. Today you shall take your final step in life.

[XA]: General Kou, has commander Jin Xuan mobilized his army?

{sfx: cha}

[K]: Go ask him yourself.

[K]: The Advisor saw through Jin Xuan’s fake surrender long ago.

[K]: And General Gong Zhi has already finished him off!
{note: Gong Zhi is Jin Xuan’s subordinate}

[CF]: Wh…

{sfx: cha~}

[?]: Kou, you betrayed us!

[K]: A scoundrel, like you said.

{sfx: cha~}

[?]: General Kou has made his move!
[?]: Let’s follow suit!

[K]: Mission complete, my Lord. The counter-attack can begin!

[Liu Bei]: A fitting recommendation from Zi Long.
(“zi long recommended person, indeed has his style”)

[?]: Attack the enemy while Han Xuan’s army is in disarray!

[?]: Charge! Catch them off guard!

[?]: Like a headless snake, Han Xuan’s army
[?]: won’t be much of an obstacle to our Lord’s men. We did it!

[GP]: Good boy, he did well in Wuling.

[?]: Why would Jin Xuan’s subordinate do this? What’s going on?

[GP]: The Advisor colluded with Gong Zhi of Wuling during his years in Jing.

[GP]: Jin Xuan had no clue. He was bound to lose.

[GP]: Kou Feng has finally completed his assignment from the Advisor!
(fans speculated that this is the same mystery guy in chapter 418)

[GP]: Haha, our Lord has a new trustworthy commanding officer.

But father, what are you doing right now?

The counter-attack is about to begin!

[Xing Dao Rong]: Let’s annihilate Guan Yu’s troop in one swoop!
{Liu Du’s General-In-Chief, Xing Dao Rong}
[XDR]: Surround them and leave none alive!


[?]: Second Master, our vanguard has been scattered!

[?]: We can’t hold this ground much longer!

The last step is finally here!

For with this step I have him firmly in my grasp.

Even if my shoulder is numb from the piercing pain,

or that I pity this old man who has been betrayed by age…

But… I must stride toward reality!

[Guan Yu]: Grandpa, I salute you!
(“old granddad, accept yu one bow”; this time the honorific is the more respectable version)

{sfx: pong~}

At the height of battle, time flies like a white pony’s shadow across a crevice. One realizes that life is short.

Huang Zhong wasn’t deep in pain, merely deep in thought. Because…


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