Ravaging Times

chapter 300

[?]: Sir!

[?]: Where is he now?

[?]: He has just passed the border. He’ll be here soon!

[?]: Representatives from the clan are here too!

chapter 300 Just As Hoped

{Yuan clan Elder, Yuan Wu}
[Yuan Wu]: Older brother, please forgive my foolish younger brother for losing his temper (last time).
(it may be “clan-brother” relationship, not brothers of the same parents)

{Yuan clan Elder, Yuan Pu}
[Yuan Pu]: Nono, your virtuous brother is loyal to Imperial Han. He severed relation with our Lord because he was tricked by recent events.

[YP]: Now that the storm has passed, it’s wonderful (news for the clan) that your brother has change his mind.
[YP]: We only hope that everyone can work together to fulfill our clan’s duty as loyalists.

[?]: Don’t count me out!
(“how can you leave out my portion”)

[?]: Third… third Elder has returned!

[?]: Sir! Liu Bei is here!

[Yuan Shao]: Still more came with him.

[YS]: The number kept growing ever since he left Xuzhou.

[Yuan Fang]: Volunteers came from all over to join him along the way. This man certainly is inspirational.

[YS]: Thanks to him, the Yuan clan is showing its unity once again.

[YS]: The northern clansmen have all returned to us.

[YS]: In this day and age, going the “right way” is still the only way to obtain power.

[YF]: When did you get so emotional?
(not sure)

[YS]: As clan leader, I am of course concerned about our clan’s future in these chaotic times.

[?]: Cao Cao continues to expand his influence. The days of the Yuan clan are numbered.

[YS]: The Yuan clan prides itself on valuing loyalty. Eventually these old-fashioned ideals will turn them into nothing but trail dust for Cao Cao’s ambition.

[YS]: It must’ve been hard for you to make it this far!
(not sure)

[YF]: Being emotional still can’t hide your hypocrisy (of wanting to rule the world).

[YF]: It’s written all over your face.

[YF]: They said Liu Bei is good at reading people. Don’t let him see through it.

[YF]: Do your best,

[YF]: father.

Fa… father!

He… he called me father!

My… my son.

[?]: Welcome! Imperial Uncle!

[?]: Imperial Uncle is here!
[?]: Let’s go (meet him)!
(“let us get there quickly too”)

[?]: You must be tired, Imperial Uncle!

[?]: Move! Make way for our Lord!

[YS]: Xuan De, I’m sorry for causing your suffering!
(Xuan De is Liu Bei’s courtesy name)

[YS]: It’s my fault that you had to fight the enemy alone!

[YS]: Today I swear before everyone here, that I will join forces with Imperial Uncle to fight the traitor (of Han) and serve the people!

[Liu Bei]: Don’t be so hard on yourself, General-in-Chief.

[LB]: As a defeated commander, I’m ashamed to be welcomed by you personally.

[YS]: Nono, I feel like I’m welcoming back a very close relative. These are tears of joy.

[YS]: You are wise and saintly; can you not see my true feeling?
(not sure; “real intention”?)

[LB]: Your sincerity makes me feel even more ashamed.
(“General-in-Chief treat people with sincereity…”)

[LB]: I will do my utmost to serve you!

[YS]: Today is the happiest day of my life.

In year 200, Liu Bei sought shelter in Yuan Shao’s base after his defeat at Xuzhou.

Yuan Shao led his clansmen two hundred li outside the city to welcome him.

Liu Bei’s arrival ended the infighting within the Yuan clan. Key figures who extricated themselves from the clan have since returned.

With Yuan and Cao‘s factions both feeling in the right, the Battle of Guandu is now justified.


[?]: The Imperial clansmen are all flocking to Yuan Shao.

[?]: Why do you still favor Cao Cao, Imperial Uncle?

[Yu Ji]: There was even an assassination attempt on Yuan Shao…

{Imperial Uncle, Liu Ye}
[Liu Ye]: There are still men within our big clan who have eyes on the big picture. Anyone brandishing poisoned arrows is our enemy.

[LY]: Besides, a nearby tiger can be seen as a threat or protection.


[LY]: Cao Cao may be cruel, but… he has no intention of harming His Majesty. You can’t believe everything you hear.
(“…’foolish public opinion’ in the world…”)

[YJ]: So what about this tiger?

[LY]: The Eastern Tiger cannot be trusted.
(“…his intention is unpredictable”)

[YJ]: Apparently the one who’s actually afraid of Sun Ce is still a mystery.
(not sure)

[LY]: The Way of Taiping built its foundation in the Eastern Region, but they’re still being kept in check even when they have sizable influence.
[LY]: Why Sun Ce would work with you, Great Saint, is the real mystery.

[YJ]: Like you said, Imperial Uncle, I see Sun Ce as protection.

[LY]: Protection?

[LY]: Or are you waiting for news?

[LY]: News of Xu Gong and Liu Biao to conspire against Sun Ce?

[LY]: I bet he’s waiting for news too… in Sun Ce’s prison.

[LY]: Send a spy to Sun Quan‘s side if you don’t believe me.

[YJ]: Release.

{sfx: foo~}

[LY]: Lord Cao already knew about the ambition of that Eastern Tiger, and he would like to cooperate with you to eliminate this “tiger problem”.

[LY]: Why form a hodgepodge alliance with Liu Biao when you can fully justify your actions by working with Han supporter Cao Cao?

[YJ]: Why should I trust you?

[LY]: The soldiers from Qingzhou in Cao Cao’s camp were once followers of the Way of Taiping.

[LY]: Do you remember how well Cao Cao treated them?

[LY]: Learn from the past. Lord Cao does not question those he employs.
(“learn from past mistakes, do not employ questionable men, do not question the employed”)

[LY]: Cooperating with Lord Cao means cooperating with Han.
[LY]: Having fallen from grace in the eyes of the world, the Way of Taiping is in need of an opportunity to clear its name.
(“…clear its past shame”)

[LY]: Isn’t that more or less what you wanted from the beginning?

{sfx: cha~}

[LY]: Just as I hoped.

[YJ]: Imperial Uncle Liu Ye,

[YJ]: please inform lord Cao:

[YJ]: Sun Ce’s next hunt

[YJ]: shall be his last.
(“will be Sun Ce’s time to die”)

There are dark forests in both the northern and southern mountains, fierce tigers will circle around the villages in broad daylight.

At dusk tigers roam everywhere taking lives for food. Frightened by the tigers’ power, the deer dare not make any sound.


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