Ravaging Times

chapter 51

In the days of feudalism, every dynasty would eventually succumb to the internal corruption of its ruling elites and then spiral into chaos.
(“…walk toward turbulent chaotic world”)
The Yellow Turban Rebellion, the eunuch disaster, and Dong Zhuo’s tyranny all contributed to the rise of eighteen warlords who raised armies in the name of peace.

In year 190, the eighteen warlords formed the Guandong Alliance and fought Dong Zhuo to a standstill in the Tiger Cage Pass. After Dong Zhuo relocated the capital to Changan, ambition interfered with cooperation and the warlords finally went their separate ways.

By then, loyalty and righteousness had become nothing but empty ideals…

Some people helped the wicked in order to survive.

They even…

chapter 51 Bugs And Empires
(臭虫 is a specific term that refers to “bedbug/tick”, but after thinking about how the author is using it in different context, I think it really just means a “bug”, which in English can also have several meanings like something that is wrong, something that bothers, and a surveillance tool)

[?]: Sir!

[?]: Young Master Liaoyuan said it’s safe to move ahead.
[Wang Gang]: Okay.

[Meng]: Bandits are everywhere in times of chaos. Who knew we’d have to take such a long way around to reach Changan.
[WG]: Blame the imperial court for losing its authority. Since the warlords are too busy laying claims than upholding the law, the people will do anything to survive!

[WG]: We’d end up like them if it weren’t for the Sima clan!

[WG]: I heard that the rebuilding of Luoyang has already begun. The Sima clan must be busy supervising the project!
[M]: So you’ve heard of it too?

[WG]: Even with the war going on, those thousands of families under the care of the Sima clan…
[WG]: could still live comfortably. It’s touching!
(not sure about the second part)

[M]: Too bad fame also makes them a target…
(“…tree big attracts wind…”)

[WG]: You mean Lü Bu?

[M]: That guy is unpredictable and greedy as hell.
[M]: Let’s hope this mission and our caravan of gifts will appease his vengeful heart!

[WG]: What are you all looking at?
[?]: No… nothing.

[M]: Wang Gang, what is that look in your eyes…
(“your eye expression weird”)

[WG]: It’s just that your “beauty” is a bit too showy.

[WG]: Honestly, even I can’t believe that you’re a man.

[M]: Does it mean… you’ve “fallen” for me as well?

[WG]: Bug off. Compared to my gentle wife, you’re way too “ferocious” for my health.

[M]: I heard that you’ve just become a father?

[WG]: One chubby baby isn’t enough. My goal is ten. Are you jealous?

[M]: Ten? I suggest you forget the idea.

That look…?

[?]: Deputy chief, I think… you hit a “nerve”. You know he’s…

[WG]: Ah! I-I-I wasn’t mocking you for being a eunuch, I was just…
[?]: You’re making it worse.
(“more retracing [correction, the writing becomes] more dark”)
{note: Eunuchs were much hated, and they became downtrodden once the war began.}

[M]: You’re going to suffer.
So… so cruel…

No, I mean if you have sons like those brats…
it’s over for you.

[M]: But I’m good at taking care of kids…

[WG]: Right, and you gotta help me. My wife’s health has always been poor, and her milk isn’t sufficient.
[WG]: I really need a wet nurse, and you…

[M]: Wet nurse?
[M]: Me?

[M]: Damn you, is there no limit to your jokes? Prepare to die!
[WG]: No, wet nurse… you… no, listen to me…

[?]: I think the deputy chief is asking him to find a wet nurse!
[?]: Guo Ang was right. Gender is a sore point for Xiao Meng. The deputy chief is in…

[WG]: A misunderstanding! Help!
[M]: I’m too angry! So die!

{sfx: cha~}

[WG]: Xiao Meng! Stay back!
(“…don’t come here”)

{rumble~ rumble~}

[?]: Ban… bandits!?

No, it’s an army!

[?]: They don’t look like a merchant caravan.

[?]: What do you think, Zi Wang?
[Zi Wang]: Leave none alive in case of traps!

[?]: Attack! Take no prisoner! Kill!

[?]: Whose army is it?


[?]: Deputy chief, what now…
[?]: We… we’ve been surrounded!

[WG]: Listen to me, Xiao Meng!

[WG]: You have a more important mission, so you can’t fall here!

[WG]: I’ll hold them off. Flee, now!
[M]: But…

[WG]: Triad of the Clear Wind, listen up! Cover Xiao Meng’s escape. Everyone, charge!

[?]: Xiao Meng, follow me!
[M]: I’m no coward, Wang Gang!

[WG]: For the sake of the big picture! Leave now!

[WG]: Hurry! Find Liaoyuan Huo up ahead!

{sfx: zing~}



[?]: My, my, watch this!


[?]: We’ve been surrounded. Hurry, find a gap to break through!

[?]: Leave none alive!

[?]: Hurry! Go!
{sfx: shoo~ shoo~ shoo~}

{sfx: pa~ pa~ pa~ pa~}

[WG]: Why are you still here? You deaf?
(“still not gone…”)
[?]: Deputy Chief, look out behind you!

{sfx: cha~}

[M]: We’re surrounded. There’s no escape.

[WG]: You’re so unreasonable!

[M]: Remember, I’m in charge of logistics within the Handicapped Warriors.

{sfx: pa~}
[?]: General Zheng!

{sfx: pa~}

[M]: You can’t escape without me.

[?]: Don’t go, General Li. That girl’s targets are commanding officers!

[M]: Begin a steady retreat. I’ll guard your rear.

{sfx: cha~}

[?]: Pretty flowers always have thorns.
[WG]: Xiao Meng! Watch out!

[ZW]: Pity they’re always…
(“…flower’s nearby [region]”)

[ZW]: surrounded by bugs.
(“always covered with bedbugs”)


The funny thing is,

dying empires are the same way!


Who can tell me?

What the hell happened?


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