Ravaging Times

chapter 2

chapter 2 Crippled and Cornered

{banner reads: Under Heaven – General Always-Victorious – Unmatched}
(“…no rival”)

{crowd noise}

{sfx: pa}

{sfx: zing~}

[?]: I have no worthy foes anymore!
(“heaven under amongst I already no more opponent”)

[?]: Traitor!

[?]: Stay back!

{crowd gasp}

{Emperor Shao, Liu Bian}

{sfx: pa}

{crowd gasp}

[?]: Good job! Feng Xian, my son!
(Lü Bu’s courtesy name is Feng Xian)

{Grand Administrator of Hedong, Dong Zhuo}
{sfx: hoo~}

[Dong Zhuo]: Your Majesty! Does my ass smell good?

[Liu Bian]: Yes… very!
(“fragrant… very fragrant”)

[DZ]: In that case,

[DZ]: you can be my cushion as I conquer the world!
(“you all life become Dong’s hegemony’s seat cushion”)


[DZ]: Long live the mighty Army of Xiliang!


Eunuchs dominated the court near the end of East Han dynasty, and governance deteriorate while the maternal relatives held power. The big name clans each controlled their own territories, and the common people suffered under their oppression…

The Yellow Turban Rebellion that erupted in year 164 shocked the capital.

The ensuing four years of fighting empowered the warlords of the world…

As the crowned prince Liu Bian ascended the throne in year 189, the infighting between the maternal relatives and the eunuchs reached the boiling point. Commander-in-Chief He Jin killed the head eunuch Jian Shuo and transferred Dong Zhuo the Grand Administrator of Xiliang to the capital, with the intent to execute the rest of the eunuchs.
But the eunuchs struck first and killed He Jin before the army arrived. Dong Zhuo led the army to Luoyang and took over the court…

In the same year, Dong Zhuo replaced Liu Bian with nine-year-old Liu Xie as the puppet Emperor, and then named himself Chancellor of State so he could manage courtly affairs.

[?]: Order for Yuan Shao of Bohai!

{reads: Imperial Edict}

{big font reads: Kill Traitor}

By year 190, Dong Zhuo’s cruelty has incited a world of protest! Grand Administrators of provinces across the country sought to expand their influences and used this opportunity to wage war. In the name of defeating Dong Zhuo, they joined forces and formed the “Guandong Alliance” with Yuan Shao as the leader by popular vote.

In the same year, armies of over hundreds of thousands marched toward Luoyang. After that…

chaos ruled the world!

Dong Zhuo brutally pillaged the wealthy clans all along his route to the capital. He also pressured the famous clans of Yanzhou in the name of recruiting talents, raising over tens of millions of military funding to fight the Guandong Alliance.

The man who suggested this bloody scheme was Dong Zhuo’s favorite,

as well as the most skilled of Xiliang’s famous people.

He was known as the world’s number one military adviser…

{Xu Lin The Wisest}
(“wit crowning world…”)

[?]: We’re in for some serious promotion.

[?]: In just a few months Advisor Xu managed to persuade all of Henei’s wealthy merchants to submit. The Wisest in deed!
[?]: Yeah! These funding sources will surely aid in Chancellor Dong’s conquest!

{Zhao Xian}
[Zhao Xian]: Though it was unexpected for the Sima clan to refuse the recruitment…

[?]: I heard that their head of the household is but a teen.
[?]: Row faster!

{Xu Jiang}
[Xu Jiang]: Ignorant youth. His life is forfeit once Chancellor Dong conquers the world.

[?]: But it’s strange that Advisor Xu hasn’t said a word after that refusal.
[?]: Unless the wisest is also the proudest? Isn’t it weird?

[ZX]: Took himself way too seriously. The Sima clan is doomed.

[?]: Whoa!

[?]: You’re blocking a royal passage, logger! Are you itching to die?

[?]: You hear me? Scram!

{sfx: hoo~}

{banner reads: Handicapped and Cornered, No Way Out}
{banner reads: Warriors Routed like…}

[?]: Han… Handicapped Warriors!

[?]: What? You mean that recent urban legend of Yanzhou…
(“…recent years in Yanzhou area causing people hear sound face change”)
[?]: the assassins who never fail?
(“kill person never miss assassin organization”)
[?]: Do you think they’re after the official fund?

[?]: Advisor Xu, please take cover!

[ZX]: One hand. Must be One-Arm Guo Ang!

[?]: Our rations collector was killed by him last year!
[?]: Go! Prepare to engage!

[XJ]: That means their One-Eye leader should be nearby…

[ZX]: Stay clear of the shore. That guy must be nearby!

[ZX]: Oh right!

[ZX]: Zhang Qing! Is my son on your ship? Tell him to come here to protect the Advisor!

[?]: Hurry! Find the Young Master!
[?]: Young Master Zhao!

[XJ]: Zhao Huo came? So we’re safe.

[ZX]: Zhao Huo may be strong, but the Handicapped Warriors…

[ZX]: …are nothing to sneeze at either.

[?]: There’s no way he could reach us at this height!

[?]: HOH!

[?]: Young Master!
[?]: You’re being summoned!
(“old master has message”)

[?]: I heard it already.
{strip reads: official money}

[?]: My hearing has always been sharp!


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