Ravaging Times

chapter 362


[?]: They’re coming!

[?]: Yuan Shang‘s army is coming out!

[?]: Sir! Yue Jin‘s troop at the front is under attack.

[?]: Yuan Shao may have passed on, but his power can still be felt…

chapter 362 Loyalists Hate The Corrupt

[?]: Yuan Shang’s force alone already dwarfs our numbers.

[?]: News from Hedong, my Lord: a fleet of warships bypassed our defenses.

[Cao Cao]: They headed for Hedong? So… they originated from Luoyang?

[?]: Yessir. The reconstruction of Luoyang is almost complete. The supply ships were just there.
(the last bit is slightly distorted)

[?]: My Lord, the Sima clan was once in charge of the reconstruction. But…

[CC]: But the Sima clan lost their influence after the scandal, leaving the job to others.

[Xun You]: Over fifty groups took on the job, and they were collectively managed by the Zhang clan.
{Xun You}

[CC]: So the city guards will also be Zhang’s men?

[XY]: Sima Yi’s wife Shan Wu Ling goes by the name Zhang Chun Hua. Her father… is indeed Zhang Wang.

[XY]: With that reasoning, Sima Yi will definitely win Guo Yuan‘s trust.

[XY]: If Guo Yuan is to cross the river, he’ll use the ships to move his men and take Luoyang by surprise.

[?]: There he’ll have a very powerful military base.

[?]: My Lord, with those warships Guo Yuan will certainly be able to bypass our defenses.

[?]: Since Zhong Yao‘s troop is grounded in Pingyang, Guo Yuan will have a clear path ahead of him.
(“…long path straight advancement”)

[CC]: Clever as ever. So Sima Yi has had this trick up his sleeve the whole time.
(“no hype Sima Yi, so he long ago had this brilliant move”)

[?]: He’s certainly as witty as any of the Eight Geniuses.

[?]: And his endurance, unmatched.
(“…no one can beat”)

[CC]: Guo Jia is absolutely correct to make this move. Let the pest control begin…

[?]: The last move is coming.

[?]: Yes, my Lord.

[XY]: The biggest pest has already fell into our trap.

{Hedong, Yellow River}

[Sima Yi]: Thirty ships, and the fastest kind.

{Gao Gan}
[Gao Gan]: Very good. This makes bypassing Cao Cao’s defense an easy task.

[GG]: Plus a supply line from Luoyang. Brilliant.

[SMY]: My families are in Luoyang. Please act soon and save them from harm, General Gao.

[GG]: Don’t worry. I’ll set sail first, with Guo Yuan not far behind.

[GG]: We’ll let the other two handle Zhong Yao.

[?]: Head out!

{General who Tranquilizes the Di, Ma Teng}
(I think Di is one of the ethnic minority groups in the Xiliang area)

[Ma Teng]: *slurp* Chanyu will hold on to Pingyang,

[MT]: while I prepare to attack from the rear.

[MT]: Don’t worry.


[MT]: Guo Yuan can cross the river with Chanyu and me here.

[?]: Yes. If General Ma can trap Zhong Yao,

[?]: it’ll surely redeem that humiliating defeat at Guandu.

[MT]: No need to tell me;

[MT]: I know I play a key role in this battle. Except…

[MT]: Your family is in Luoyang as well, Zhang Ji?
[Zhang Ji]: Yes.

[MT]: Did Sima Yi send you?

[ZJ]: You’re over-thinking it, General Ma. I’ve always harbored a will to fight the traitor.
(“…too suspicious…”)

[ZJ]: I’ve only the deepest gratitude to you for leading the revolt.

[ZJ]: Besides, after Sun Jian‘s departure, you’re the top Loyalist of the world.
(“…right now you are the top recommended”)

[ZJ]: The two of you may have been serving outside the court, but your hearts stay close to Imperial Han.
(“…heart tied to…”)
[ZJ]: You would even defy Cao Cao’s order for the good of His Majesty.

[MT]: Zhang Ji…

[ZJ]: Yes.

[MT]: The corrupt has no place here…
(“…share not a sky over our heads”)

[MT]: Eliminating the traitors of our country is the duty of Loyalists.

[MT]: The decision to put an end to them has been made long ago.
(“I long have posit it/him/me in certain death situations’ determination”)

[MT]: Nothing will change my mind now.
(“fundamentally not by anything be shaken”)

[MT]: Besides,

[MT]: who’re the evil ones?
(“…corrupt ministers/subjects”)

[MT]: I would know.

[MT]: I’m true to Imperial Han.

[MT]: My goal has never changed.

[MT]: No matter where I am, and no matter what the reason is…

[MT]: If I see evil,
(“once it is (revealed to be) criminal/bandit/thief”)

[MT]: I’ll kill evil.
(“…kill the criminal/bandit/thief”)

Zhang Ji grins at Ma Teng’s behavior.

For he knows the Loyalists are the easiest to deal with in this day and age.


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