Ravaging Times

chapter 137

(I need to read this over, no time right now)

[Shan Wu Ling]: Sun Ce is an outstanding warrior, so I say Advisor might not have full confidence in killing him…

[SWL]: You must have planned for another party to do it, right?

[Nameless Advisor]: Ms. Shan is quite keen. Please continue.

[SWL]: General Sun Jian made many enemies when he was fighting the rebels under Yuan Shu’s command.
[SWL]: Today Advisor planned for Sun Ce’s move to Wan, knowing that there’s one of his enemies nearby…

chapter 137 A Rebellious Couple

[Nameless]: Correct. The man responsible for Sun Jian’s death, Liu Biao.

[Nameless]: Liu Biao won’t sleep well unless Sun Ce is dead. Besides, Wan’s remaining forces would most likely join those at Qichun. This move kills two birds with one stone.

[SWL]: Advisor intended to kill Sun Ce using Jiangxia’s forces, and then drag Liu Biao into this competition for the Imperial Seal?
[Nameless]: Correct. Sun Ce’s death will be blamed on Liu Biao, no time to suspect my Lord Yuan Shu.

[Nameless]: They would only wholeheartedly serve my Lord and try to exact revenge on Liu Biao. The timing for Liao Lan’s entrance is perfect.

[SWL]: Then Liu Biao won’t have the energy to oppose Yuan Shu’s ascension.
[SWL]: In addition, having the most loyal and talented Sun clan serving Yuan Shu will bring more followers.

[Nameless]: Nicely analyzed.

[SWL]: Advisor’s genius is truly an eye-opener…

[SWL]: I say… after Yuan Shu becomes the Emperor, Advisor will be able to accomplish much more, but…

[Nameless]: But what? Do tell, Ms. Shan.

[SWL]: The Yuan clan is big, so in order to prevent an internal conflict with his brother, the division of power will be quite uneven.

[Nameless]: You’re right, Ms. Shan, but this is to prevent the clan from splitting up.

[SWL]: No, I mean Advisor should be given more power. Nothing short of second-in-command would be suitable for you.

[Nameless]: I’ve served my Lord for all these years, never thought about being more than I am.

[SWL]: For all these years, and being highly talented but without making a name for yourself, isn’t that unfortunate?
[SWL]: I’d say you’re more like a “diner” than an Advisor.

[Nameless]: Now isn’t the right time to use this tactic.

[Nameless]: If you intend to create a divide between me and my Lord, you’re being too eager.

[Nameless]: You should wait until I give you to my Lord, then you can do your best to become his favorite.
[Nameless]: One, you can get rid of me; two, you can split up the Yuan clan, which will benefit your Lord Cao Cao, but all of these are crazy talk…

{sfx: peng~}

[SWL]: You may be a genius, Advisor, but you really don’t understand a woman’s heart.

[Nameless]: My heart is on the battlefield, not in the affairs of men and women.

[SWL]: I mean, knowing my life will be in the hands of the Yuan clan, I should plan for my future.

[SWL]: Instead of struggling amongst the deep harems of the palace, I might’s well go all out and fight for a better end.

[Nameless]: This move of yours is way too gutsy.

[SWL]: People climb two types of ladders, for reputation or wealth, which you have neither.
[SWL]: Are you really going to be satisfied being nameless, forever behind the royalties of the Yuan clan?

[SWL]: This is my only wager.

[SWL]: Even if you don’t understand women, you should understand the benefit of having a wealthy Shan clan as your support…

[Nameless]: Ingenious.

[Nameless]: Yes, I would prevent the Shan clan from being drained, as well as saving you from being imprisoned in the deep harem forever.
[SWL]: My investment would have paid off once you rise to the top.

[Nameless]: Pity.

{sfx: pa~}

{sfx: peng~}

[servants]: Mi… milady! What’re you people doing?
[servants]: To an unarmed woman…

[Nameless]: Woman? She’s just a shameless whore!

[Nameless]: Sages of old says, men should be loyal while women should be chaste.

[Nameless]: Trying to step out of her role is against moral traditions, and it’s sickening.

[Nameless]: The courts have treacherous officials and even sluts; they are the cause of this world’s chaos.

[servants]: S… stop!

[Nameless]: I wanted to treat you well, but unfortunately you’ve greatly disappointed me.
[Nameless]: If I had given you to my Lord, it’d be the start of the Yuan clan’s downfall.

[SWL]: I’m disappointed too, for you have missed a good opportunity.

[Nameless]: If I were you, Ms. Shan, I would kill myself right now.

[Nameless]: But you’re just a whore who will do anything to survive. History is full of your kind.

{sfx: pa~}

[servants]: Wah! Milady!
[soldier]: Sit down, sit down!

[soldier]: You’ll regret it if you keep moving.

[Nameless]: Take this hair clip to the Shan house.

[Nameless]: What comes next is up to you.
[soldier x]: Yessir.

[soldier y]: Advisor, how should we deal with her?

[Nameless]: As long as she’s still alive, do whatever you want.

[Nameless]: If she keeps saying unpleasant things, cut out her tongue, as a warning.

[soldier z]: What a shame. Nothing but a pretty face.
[soldier w]: If she was one of my hags, I’d have killed her long ago.


Laugh all you want…

You are but fools who don’t even know the reason for living.

Shan Wu Ling, don’t cry…

Don’t cry because of your predicament.

[Sima Yi]: Go ahead and cry.

[SMY]: Crying is not a sign of weakness.

[SWL]: I really don’t understand why you didn’t die.

[SMY]: If I died, then I would’ve missed this “beautiful scenery.”

[Nameless]: Haha, even a lowly servant is mocking you. You should really take a good look at yourself.

[servants]: Damn you, we rather die with dignity.
[servants]: You bastard, I’ll fight you to the death!

{sfx: cha~}


[Nameless]: So noisy.

[SMY]: See, it’s good to be alive.

[SWL]: Because life shouldn’t be treated lightly.

[SMY]: Right. Hero or coward, each person has a different view.

[SMY]: Some choose to die with honor, but that’s the same as wasting their life.
[SMY]: They don’t know that if they had simply continued to live, they could have accomplished much more.

What… is he talking about?
[SMY]: What is dignity? It all depends on how you look at it.

[SMY]: Warlord of Yue, do we remember him as a weakling?
/* Gou Jian, the guy who tasted gullbladder to remind himself of a previous defeat, later won back everything */
[SMY]: Sima Qian lived through utter humiliation as an eunuch, but he finished writing the “Records of the Grand Scribe,” and who’s laughing at him now?

[Nameless]: That’s off topic. I was talking about morality.

[SMY]: Morality? A man can have many wives, you call that moral?

[SMY]: If a man can be unfaithful, why can’t a woman?

[SMY]: It’s all idealistic thinking, impossible to live up to.

[SMY]: Because in this male-centric society, men just impose their will upon women.
[SMY]: What is a man’s morality? What is a man’s dignity? Only jokes.

[Nameless]: Ms. Shan, you should thank this slave for saving your face.

[SMY]: Actually, I’m just sick of a hypocrite.

[SWL]: What… are you saying?

[SMY]: Milady’s fortitude…

[SMY]: is the right attitude!

[SMY]: I don’t see unchastity, only wisdom!

[SMY]: Because you know that staying alive will mean a chance for a comeback!

[SMY]: Sacrificing your personal happiness so that the clan can survive!
[SMY]: Are you Master Sun? Or Madam Slut?
/* a tiny bid of word-rhyme here, Sun-zi, biao-zi */

[SMY]: Beneath that beautiful exterior is an endless amount of will and wisdom. Milady is simply a gift from Heaven!

[SMY]: If I live through this, I swear I will…

[SMY]: make you my wife.
That day, I almost cried!

Men live only for Loyalty; is that the command of the country?

Women live only to wed and raise children; is that the command of the family?


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