Ravaging Times

chapter 220

(I need to read this over, no time right now)

[Zhang Liao]: Let go!

Let go.

chapter 220 Fate’s Mysterious Ways
/* word-for-word “fate’s profound opportunity” */

[Lü Bu]: Zhang Liao, what’re you doing?

[ZL]: Nice horsemanship.

{sfx: ta!}

[Guan Yu]: Zhang Liao,

[GY]: you are “despicable”.
or “that was low”
Guan Yu understands that Zhang Liao is forcing him to escape, basically paying him back forcefully so that ZL won’t owe GY anymore

[ZL]: You’re no better.

[ZL]: Get down and surrender. Maybe my Lord will spare you.

[GY]: No, my big brother is waiting for me.

[GY]: Step up if you want to die.

[GY]: Make way.

[LB]: “Despicable”, that sounds loaded.

[LB]: Don’t play dumb. He saved you once. Haha, “no better” indeed.

[ZL]: My Lord, I’m just, just…
[LB]: You just want him to live; return the favor, no?

[LB]: Do you know how serious the consequence will be?
/* simplified */

[ZL]: I know. Now we’re even.

[ZL]: I’ll go after him, and show no mercy.

[LB]: Forget it. People nowadays can’t get their priorities straight.

{sfx: pa}

[LB]: I wonder, if the feudal era and this “blind loyalist” exist together,
/* “come together”, but kind of confusing? */
[ZL]: Ow…
/* it’s actually “yah”, but not to be mistaken for “yeah” */

[LB]: each benefiting from the other… Will this man become more than his worth?

[LB]: Will he become a god?

In this day and age,

it is hard to become a sacred figure;
much easier to end up dead.

I have killed before.

Either directly or indirectly.

So now I am dead.

I lay in this dry canal covered in blood, suffering through the stench and waiting for my punishment.
Is this the underworld?

Nothing gained from a lofty aspiration. I silently await for Heaven’s judgment.

[?]: Burn them.

A voice from a distance tells me I’m in hell.

What use is my good hearing?

I really don’t want to die! I don’t want to die!
I don’t want to die!

{sfx: cha!}

[Xiahou Dun]: Oh?

What use is my long-reaching arm?

[?]: In order to prevent an epidemic I have ordered the cremation of all these bodies.
[?]: Master Dun, we should use this opportunity when Lü Bu’s army has just withdrawn…

[XHD]: Wait, I saw something just now.

Who is this man?

Such a powerful will to live.


He’s only buried under some corpses. Surely I can pull him out.

This hand seems to have emerged from an abyss.

You’re lucky I saw you.

Come out.

Who are you?



/* “saw” */
good god.
/* “saw ghost” */

[Liu Bei]: I get it now, dear Heaven.

[LB]: Thank the Heavens,
[LB]: I survived.

[LB]: Fate works in mysterious ways.

[LB]: It seems that I am missing something.
[LB]: Right now… I am just a fish…

[LB]: who hasn’t found its…
[LB]: water.

“to feel like fish in water” is a Chinese idiom, which is simple enough that needs no explanation

In the end, a fish that has endured a maddening calamity lays on the ground.

And what is on his mind?


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